VisiCase Pty Ltd is an Australian based solution provider dedicated to deliver best breed technology to the not-for-profit organisations.

At the heart of our technology is the Business Process Automation (BPA) platform. The platform will optimize your efficiency and allow you to spend time on growing the business, dealing with customers and doing the things you enjoy. With VisiCase processes are speed up and cost savings follow.

The platform will help you to manage change and stay ahead of developments in your industry. Our advanced technology, lets you easily realign your business processes enabling you to not only prepare but stay ahead of those ever evolving business changes and remain competitive.

The platform is an innovative and ground-breaking tool that automates business processes of any complexity. VisiCase is empowered by powerful workflow and reporting engines as well as a vast array of tools that make it an unbeatable choice for growing organisations as well as government. 

The combination of sound business process/workflow design and VisiCase forms the basis for business growth. Our web based workflow technology offers a scalable foundation which will expand to meet your growing business ongoing business automation needs.