VisiCase is a powerful care management solution especially designed to meet the challenges in Human Services sector. It addresses the transition from traditional care model to the Person Centered Care delivery. VisiCase is one of the most advanced web based workflow systems available commercially. It is a highly secure application accessible from any web-enabled devices - iPad, Laptop, PC or mobile phone. This gives service providers the ability to carry out goal/outcome focused services from any location at any time. 

The client portal enables clients to have appropriate access to their record and  fully participate in their care and budget planning and service delivery.
The robust optimization engine provides best match rostering capabilities for service providers. The web based system allows staff to manage their workflow online with automatic messaging via SMS and emails. The system is highly flexible and configurable and provides complete person centered case management across multiple programs, funding packages as well as facilitating referrals to other service providers. Real time data collection captures KPI’s and VisiCase can be easily integrated with your internal payroll and financial systems.   

 Single data entry to reduce administration time. 
 Easy to use with only minimal training required. 
 Seamless handling of care variations and complexities. 
 Full visibility of all client information – past and 
 Tracking of client progress from setting up goals to realization of 
 Prompts within the system to ensure best practice and quality delivery. 
 Notifications and escalations to facilitate deadline management. 
 Supports multiple funding programs down to activity level. 
 Ensures complete budget awareness and 
 Runs reports on demand to support internal and external reporting 
 Monitors care staff for efficiency and compliance in the field. 

The VisiCase solution will support service providers to meet the ongoing challenges and changes in the Human Services Industry now and into the future.
  VisiCase empowers various user types with functions and options that are the most suitable for their role.

VisiCase for Managers 

VisiCase offers a range of the tools that empower Managers to optimize service for clients and organisational efficiency of service delivery. Those include: 

 Configurable dashboards: Thanks to the configurable dashboards, managers can easily monitor the following: 
    o Teams performance; see jobs status, time spent, overdue tasks, etc. 
    o Trends and statistics within organisation to make better strategic decisions.
    o Monitor key performance indicators across organisation.
 Pre-configured workflows based on industry best practices: Thanks to pre-configured workflow processes the             best practices can be easily reinforced across organisation. The system ‘knows’ what should be done, when and         by whom. There is an escalation in place for the tasks that are not performed on time. 
 Resources optimization: VisiCase rostering engine matches available resources based on client preferences,               resource skills and availability. Thanks to this functionality you will be able to use your workforce efficiently and         effectively.

VisiCase for Supervisors and Team Leaders 

VisiCase supports Supervisors and team leaders in their everyday operations, Thanks to VisiCase, they can easily perform the following: 
 Prepare individual, outcome focused service plans for the clients 
 Collaborate in real time with all support workers involved in the service provision through mobile 
 Monitor and coordinate service delivery and Client progress towards desired outcomes 
 Prepare budget forecast and manage service delivery within the budget 
 Get notifications of the team’s jobs not completed on time thanks to escalation mechanism 
 Monitor efficiency of the team’s  service delivery through configured dashboard   

VisiCase for Support Workers 

VisiCase is designed to be easily rolled out to all support workers. It is highly scalable even to a large size organisation. Thanks to extremely easy user interface and accessibility via mobile device, the application can be effectively used from day one with almost no training required. All complex functions are hidden from the users view and presented in a simple, user friendly interface that enables to roll out the system to a large number of staff easily with almost no training required. Support workers can access all required information and update the record through the mobile device – fast and easy! VisiCase-Mobile allows support workers to do the following: 
 See all essential information about their clients 
 See and accept all requested jobs 
 See and complete rostered jobs: 
o   Enter case notes 
o   Adjust the provided service units 
o   Enter the time sheet information     

VisiCase for Clients (Consumers) 

Clients are also invited to the system through their portal. To support their choice and control over the services planned and delivered, they can see and comment on their individual plan, express their needs and wishes, view their budget status etc. In VisiCase, Client is at the core of the solution. Read more about the VisiCase Person Centric model.