Disability Services

  VisiCase is NDIS ready. With pre-configured NDIS catalogues, budgeting and funds tracking functions you can seamlessly plan and deliver individualized services to clients. With full visibility of the budget forecast and delivered service costs you will be in full control of the process. VisiCase is empowered by a number of features that will make delivery of NDIS services easy: 
 Rich funding management functions, including option to generate Quotes, Budget Forecast preparation,         the service costing – estimated and actual, payroll/finance interface  
 Clients can have access to their own budget status and service plan, and will be able to decide on the               services they receive Person Centered Care Model
 Support coordinators can set up budgets and prepare Individual Service Plans 
 Support workers will record directly from the field the delivery of services and report on outcomes. 
 Financial statements are accessible to the clients through Client Portal (Person Centered Care                             model) 
 The estimated cost of services can be planned in advance for each client and the adjusted after the  the           service 
 Detailed reports are automatically generated on outcomes and funding status. 
 Quality and Compliance be enforced by the system, including quality checklists and client feedback. 
 Interface with the NDIA portal for bulk claims 

Since 1 July 2015 all Home Care Packages are delivered on a Customer Directed Care (CDC) basis. The implementation of this concept gives consumers more power to influence the design and delivery of services they receive.
However, it brings many challenges to the service providers and the implementation of the new model can be quite daunting. In order to successfully adopt the CDC model, the service providers may need to consider many changes within the organization, including, 
  Redesign internal business processes 
  Change the way costs are broken down, captured and used 
  Implement new and complex reporting regimes 
  Manage the cultural change within the team 

Technology is a fundamental part of the accountability processes for all stakeholders affected by the Consumer Directed Care initiative.

VisiCase is an innovative Care Management solution that is especially designed to address the challenges of the Aged Care service providers. It is built on a powerful and flexible workflow platform that allows for seamless integration of the CDC model into your service delivery process. Thanks to a range of features available for the users, such as budgeting, assessments, individual planning, staff rostering.

VisiCase will help you to achieve the following: 
 Fully automate entire care management processes, including customer service entry, individual assessment and       planning, staff rostering, plan reviews and service exit.
 Easily manage customers’ budget, capture billing details and provide periodic financial statements.
 Monitor service delivery and customers progress against the care plan to ensure the program                                       delivers the defined 
 Provide transparency for the customers. Customers can see their budget, care plan, service schedule and their        support team through the Customer Portal. 
 Involve customers in the decisions making process about the service choices available to them through the               Customer Portal. 
 Capture feedback from your customers to reinforce continuous quality improvement plan. 
 Manage and record your service delivery through any internet-enabled device, including tablets and mobile               phones.

VisiCase is an innovative care management system designed to help organisations to deliver services to their clients more effectively and efficiently. Flexibility of VisiCase solution allows for setting up of multiple programs run in your organisation. Each program can have different funding source and funding conditions attached, different catalog of services that you are providing within, different processes that you follow, as well as different data collection and reporting requirements. All this parameters we will pre-configure in the application ensuring that you will be able to meet all regulatory compliance.

VisiCase architecture addresses one of the main challenges of the care service delivery sector: how to deal with the multitude of various actions, known in advance as well as those that are not known, while providing a single point of control, integrated reporting and enforcement of best practices. Thanks to the powerful workflow engine, VisiCase keeps track of everything that needs to be done. The system sends reminders and flags about what needs to be done and when. With VisiCase, your organisation will never lose track of a client, miss a deadline or waste precious staff time on unnecessary bureaucracy.

Some of the functionalities available in VisiCase: 

 Referral in and intake process 
 Client Assessment(s) 
 Development of Individual plan and plan 
 Tasks and Actions management 
 Group Activities 
 Client progress monitoring 
 Capturing Case Notes 
 Reporting Incidents 
 Complaints and Feedback 

VisiCase for Language Services is an advanced solution that facilitates seamless delivery of interpreting and translating services. 

Staff Rostering 
At the core of the solution is a powerful rostering engine that allows for automated allocation of the high volume resources to required jobs based on the best match criteria. Such us gender, employment status, language proficiency, internal rating, work preferences, etc. There are three types of allocation options available for interpreting bookings:
 Automated allocation: the system selects the first interpreter and sends them a message asking them to accept       the job. If, after a couple of attempts, there is no response the system reverts to manual allocation. 
 Semi-automated allocation: the interpreter is manually selected, and then the system takes care of the message       and acceptance as above. 
 Manual allocation: the interpreter is manually selected and confirmed as available in a phone call.   

Fee and Payment Plans
VisiCase for Language Services supports also client costing schedule and resource payments plans. The plans can be updated in advance and become automatically operational after their approval when the due date is reached. The entire costing process is fully automated in VisiCase. Features include: 

  Calculation of the fee to be paid by the client 
  Record cash payments 
  Record and Calculation of all other cost items, including travel and allowances. 
  Calculation of the resources payment 
  Generation of tax invoices 
  Generation of the payment slips 
  Interface to the Financial or HR systems.   

VisiCase for Language Services provides an operational overview of the status of all jobs as well as real time online management reports. The reports are tabular or in a graph format, ready to be reproduced in annual reports and other documentation. Running reports is easy – just click on the menu, select the report, fill in any filters and click on the button. All reports are printable and can be downloaded into an Excel file.   

Other function 
  Change of profile: Users can submit any changes in their personal details into the workflow.
  Update availability: Interpreters and translators can update their availability online, if sick or on holiday. These          changes flow automatically into rostering. 
  Document attachment and document vault: Users can attach any document in three simple steps to a booking        or a client record. These documents then travel in the workflow with the booking and can be detached for                  translation or information. 
  Imaging: The imaging system is very useful if the booking officers need to scan and store an image of a                        document with the booking such as a driver’s licence, medical certificate or a picture. These documents then            travel in the workflow with the booking and can be detached for translation or information. No expensive                  infrastructure is required 
  Searches: VisiCase has a powerful search functions to access all past and present bookings, profile change                requests and items on the Active List.   

Secure Access 
All users work simultaneously online in the same system. The system knows the security profile of each user and dynamically generates their own menus and work lists. Both functions and data are only accessible if the user has correct permissions. 
  Customers can log in, submit a booking, see jobs in progress and run their own reports. 
  Booking officers can process the bookings, allocate an interpreter or translator and finalise costing. 
  Financial staff can run interfaces and create financial reports. 
  Interpreters can accept jobs online or withdraw from a job if they are unable to attend the appointment. 
  Translators can download the document to be translated and upload the completed translation. 
  Management can see the progress of all jobs, audit and history records and generate reports.