VisiCase is an innovative care management system designed to help organisations to deliver services to their clients more effectively and efficiently. Flexibility of VisiCase solution allows for setting up of multiple programs run in your organisation. Each program can have different funding source and funding conditions attached, different catalog of services that you are providing within, different processes that you follow, as well as different data collection and reporting requirements. All this parameters we will pre-configure in the application ensuring that you will be able to meet all regulatory compliance.

VisiCase architecture addresses one of the main challenges of the care service delivery sector: how to deal with the multitude of various actions, known in advance as well as those that are not known, while providing a single point of control, integrated reporting and enforcement of best practices. Thanks to the powerful workflow engine, VisiCase keeps track of everything that needs to be done. The system sends reminders and flags about what needs to be done and when. With VisiCase, your organisation will never lose track of a client, miss a deadline or waste precious staff time on unnecessary bureaucracy.

Some of the functionalities available in VisiCase: 

   Referral in and intake process 
   Client Assessment(s) 
   Development of Individual plan and plan reviews 
   Tasks and Actions management 
   Group Activities management 
   Client progress monitoring 
   Capturing Case Notes 
   Reporting Incidents 
   Complaints and Feedback 
   Client Exit