VisiCase for Language Services is an advanced solution that facilitates seamless delivery of interpreting and translating services. 

Staff Rostering 
At the core of the solution is a powerful rostering engine that allows for automated allocation of the high volume resources to required jobs based on the best match criteria. Such us gender, employment status, language proficiency, internal rating, work preferences, etc. There are three types of allocation options available for interpreting bookings:
 Automated allocation: the system selects the first interpreter and sends them a message asking them to accept       the job. If, after a couple of attempts, there is no response the system reverts to manual allocation. 
 Semi-automated allocation: the interpreter is manually selected, and then the system takes care of the message       and acceptance as above. 
 Manual allocation: the interpreter is manually selected and confirmed as available in a phone call.   

Fee and Payment Plans
VisiCase for Language Services supports also client costing schedule and resource payments plans. The plans can be updated in advance and become automatically operational after their approval when the due date is reached. The entire costing process is fully automated in VisiCase. Features include: 

  Calculation of the fee to be paid by the client 
  Record cash payments 
  Record and Calculation of all other cost items, including travel and allowances. 
  Calculation of the resources payment 
  Generation of tax invoices 
  Generation of the payment slips 
  Interface to the Financial or HR systems.   

VisiCase for Language Services provides an operational overview of the status of all jobs as well as real time online management reports. The reports are tabular or in a graph format, ready to be reproduced in annual reports and other documentation. Running reports is easy – just click on the menu, select the report, fill in any filters and click on the button. All reports are printable and can be downloaded into an Excel file.   

Other function 
 Change of profile: Users can submit any changes in their personal details into the workflow.
 Update availability: Interpreters and translators can update their availability online, if sick or on holiday. These         changes flow automatically into rostering. 
 Document attachment and document vault: Users can attach any document in three simple steps to a booking         or a client record. These documents then travel in the workflow with the booking and can be detached for                 translation or information. 
 Imaging: The imaging system is very useful if the booking officers need to scan and store an image of a                       document with the booking such as a driver’s licence, medical certificate or a picture. These documents then             travel in the workflow with the booking and can be detached for translation or information. No expensive                   infrastructure is required 
 Searches: VisiCase has a powerful search functions to access all past and present bookings, profile change                 requests and items on the Active List.   

Secure Access 
All users work simultaneously online in the same system. The system knows the security profile of each user and dynamically generates their own menus and work lists. Both functions and data are only accessible if the user has correct permissions. 
  Customers can log in, submit a booking, see jobs in progress and run their own reports. 
  Booking officers can process the bookings, allocate an interpreter or translator and finalise costing. 
  Financial staff can run interfaces and create financial reports. 
  Interpreters can accept jobs online or withdraw from a job if they are unable to attend the appointment. 
  Translators can download the document to be translated and upload the completed translation. 
  Management can see the progress of all jobs, audit and history records and generate reports.