VisiCase Platform

VisiCase is based on a business process automation platform (BPA) that automates processes of any complexity. The platform that has a powerful workflow engine that powers all processes, keeps track of all milestones, distributes work and escalates actions that are late. The workflow engine enforces business rules, workflow resolution, timing, escalations and timeouts. The workflow supports multiple and parallel processing. It is fully configurable to cater for any complexity in workflow routing.

Our workflow engine is a high volume engine that guarantees process integrity. Integrated with the database server, the engine can handle a multitude of business rules simultaneously. It distributes work, enforces time frames (SLA enforcement) and implements centrally stored business rules. It can flexibly handle varied and unexpected circumstances. The workflow engine supports multiple and concurrent processing.

The workflow is driven by business rules stored as metadata. The system is aware which of the business rules and which stage of the process applies in that moment to a certain item/request. Our methodology is capable of simplifying even the most difficult processes by its ability to spawn sub-processes and synchronize them. VisiCase platform has fall back mechanisms that are activated when users do not perform the required action. VisiCase platform has the intelligence to detect such situations and take appropriate action. Such actions include: 
   Email or SMS notifications 
   Escalation – task still in user’s in-tray and the system informs user about the imminent deadline for the 
 Timeout – in case of delays the task is routed to other users/groups for appropriate corrective actions.  

An event can be scheduled, allocated, approved, checked, monitored and included in reports. If it is late or not done at all, it is rerouted to a supervisor to take action. 
VisiCase platform can track objects in the workflow, link them together and cross track them. At the same time, it can track the workload for workgroups and individuals across all tasks and all processes.