Core Features

NDIS Compliant 
VisiCase is NDIS ready. With pre-configured NDIS catalogues, budgeting and funds tracking functions you can seamlessly plan and deliver individualised services to clients. With full visibility of the budget forecast and delivered service costs you will be in full control of the process.
Person-Centered Care
VisiCase is a person-centred, transaction based care management solution that helps you prepare goal focused care plans and gives you visibility of ongoing progress towards desired outcomes. Clients are involved in all aspects of the care planning and service delivery process through the web based portal

Funds and Budget  Management 
Thanks to the VisiCase funds tracking module you can easily generate quotes, plan Client’s budget and control service delivery cost. With integrated Finance and Payroll interface the service delivery process will be seamless and efficient… 
  Client Portal
Clients are invited to take an active part of the planning and service delivery process through a specially designed Client Portal. Clients have access to their own home page so at a glance they can see the status of their plan, completed and outstanding tasks as well as their budget forecast and the current account statement.

VisiCase has embedded rostering capabilities that will help you to manage efficiently your workforce. The staff allocation is performed based on the best match criteria, such as skills, availability, preferences, exclusions etc. Fast and Easy! 

  Cloud Technology 
VisiCase is 100% cloud based. It means that it is available from any location at any time with no internal infrastructure required. All stakeholders can collaborate in real time completing jobs directly from the field.
Quality Assurance 
VisiCase’s innate ability to orchestrate processes helps care coordinators and support workers to provide consistent best practice services. Integrated quality checks and KPIs recording ensures that all the team meets required standards.
Statutory Compliance 
VisiCase has built-in reporting with templates for data exchange for statutory requirements. These can be produced at any time by designated users or triggered by the workflow engine for automatic data exchange. Reports include MDS, DSMDS, HACC, DSS, NDIS bulk Claim, Medicare Bulk Claim, etc.

Tasks and Workload Management 
In VisiCase the workload is controlled by the powerful workflow engine that keeps track of what has to be done, when and by whom. It keeps the deadlines and raises automatic alerts when the job is to be done. There is an escalation in place for not completed jobs… With VisiCase nothing is falling into cracks!
  Dashboard and Management Reporting 
VisiCase offers flexible role-based reports and dashboards designed for your specific reporting needs.

Disability Services

  VisiCase is NDIS ready. With pre-configured NDIS catalogues, budgeting and funds tracking functions you can seamlessly plan and deliver individualized services to clients. With full visibility of the budget forecast and delivered service costs you will be in full control of the process. VisiCase is empowered by a number of features that will make delivery of NDIS services easy: 
 Rich funding management functions, including option to generate Quotes, Budget Forecast preparation,         the service costing – estimated and actual, payroll/finance interface  
 Clients can have access to their own budget status and service plan, and will be able to decide on the               services they receive Person Centered Care Model
 Support coordinators can set up budgets and prepare Individual Service Plans 
 Support workers will record directly from the field the delivery of services and report on outcomes. 
 Financial statements are accessible to the clients through Client Portal (Person Centered Care                             model) 
 The estimated cost of services can be planned in advance for each client and the adjusted after the  the           service delivery 
 Detailed reports are automatically generated on outcomes and funding status. 
 Quality and Compliance be enforced by the system, including quality checklists and client feedback. 
 Interface with the NDIA portal for bulk claims 

Person Centric                                                                                                         


                                                      Client at the core of the solution!
              Support your Clients with the choice and control over the services they receive… 

VisiCase fully supports the Person Centered Care model. Therefore clients are invited to the system through the Client Portal where they can have better control over the care they receive. Person Centered experience is achieved in VisiCase through the following: 
 Allowing clients to record their service preferences and wishes 
 Involving clients in the service planning process with individual goals and services tailored to their specific                 needs
 Facilitating process of individual budgets setting and providing visibility of monthly account statements 
 Providing clients with visibility of scheduled services  
 Providing feedback facility 
 Plus many more 

VisiCase is available on your Mobile device.
It can be accessed at Any Time 
from Any Location...