Person Centric                                                                                                         

                                                       Client at the core of the solution!
               Support your Clients with the choice and control over the services they receive… 

 VisiCase fully supports the Person Centered Care model. Therefore clients are invited to the system through the Client  Portal where they can have better control over the care they receive. Person Centered experience is achieved in    VisiCase through the following: 
             Allowing clients to record their service preferences and wishes  
             Involving clients in the service planning process with individual goals and services tailored to their                                         specific needs
             Facilitating process of individual budgets setting and providing visibility of monthly account statements 
             Providing clients with visibility of scheduled services  
             Providing feedback facility  
             Plus many more 

VisiCase is available on your Mobile device.
It can be accessed at Any Time 
from Any Location...