Since 1 July 2015 all Home Care Packages are delivered on a Customer Directed Care (CDC) basis. The implementation of this concept gives consumers more power to influence the design and delivery of services they receive.
However, it brings many challenges to the service providers and the implementation of the new model can be quite daunting. In order to successfully adopt the CDC model, the service providers may need to consider many changes within the organization, including, 
  Redesign internal business processes 
  Change the way costs are broken down, captured and used 
  Implement new and complex reporting regimes 
  Manage the cultural change within the team 

Technology is a fundamental part of the accountability processes for all stakeholders affected by the Consumer Directed Care initiative.

VisiCase is an innovative Care Management solution that is especially designed to address the challenges of the Aged Care service providers. It is built on a powerful and flexible workflow platform that allows for seamless integration of the CDC model into your service delivery process. Thanks to a range of features available for the users, such as budgeting, assessments, individual planning, staff rostering.

VisiCase will help you to achieve the following: 
 Fully automate entire care management processes, including customer service entry, individual assessment and     planning, staff rostering, plan reviews and service exit.
 Easily manage customers’ budget, capture billing details and provide periodic financial statements.
 Monitor service delivery and customers progress against the care plan to ensure the program                                       delivers the defined outcomes.
 Provide transparency for the customers. Customers can see their budget, care plan, service schedule and their        support team through the Customer Portal. 
 Involve customers in the decisions making process about the service choices available to them through the               Customer Portal. 
 Capture feedback from your customers to reinforce continuous quality improvement plan. 
 Manage and record your service delivery through any internet-enabled device, including tablets and mobile               phones.